Dual Fuel Systems

Diesel Gas Overview

CVG offer the latest market leading Diesel Blend Dual Fuel Technology for Euro5 and Euro6 HGV's and LCV's.

The Diesel Blend Dual Fuel System we provide are dedicated OEM quality systems which are currently retro-fitted and in operation with some large key players in the UK logistics sector giving maximum efficiency, durability and reliability.

With our business strategically placed just off the M8/ M74 corridor here in Lanarkshire this provides a central base allowing us to service the distribution and haulage sector needs here in Scotland.

Vehicle Enhancements

Fuel Savings & Warranty

The Dual Fuel Technology we provide blends Diesel with LNG, CNG or Bio-Gas, these are fuel cost and emission saving systems with the ability to offer substantial fuel cost savings across your fleet. Fuel savings can be as much as £14,302 per truck based on 150,000 miles on LNG, more miles = more savings. Diesel/ LPG applications are available at a much lesser cost, so please contact us for further Information.

The systems above can also be financed over 5years, providing instant fuel cost savings year on year. Each system can be provided with a full 3 year parts and labour warranty, plus a 3 year consequential engine damage warranty, 5yr warranties are available upon request.

Vehicle Enhancements


Refuelling options:

Depending upon your individual requirements, we can provide the latest onsite Zero Loss LNG Refuelling Systems from our fuel partner BOC Gases which can be further discussed.

We can also offer LCNG, CNG and Biomethane options from our various fuel suppliers, further Information can be provided upon request.

The Diesel Blend System will also reduce particulate matter and NOx's which can help with the overall carbon reduction of your business. Further reductions are achievable when blended with Biomethane and can be as much as 60%.

Vehicle Enhancements


Refuelling options:

Natural Gas is a clean and safe energy source with a variety of applications. Natural gas is dispensed in different forms such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG & BioLPG) or Biomethane (Bio-Gas)

Natural Gas blended as a vehicle fuel is a cheaper, cleaner and quieter way to run an HGV fleet than on conventional diesel. Vehicles become dual fuel and if you run out of gas they simply revert back to 100% diesel. The system is also a range extender meaning more miles between refuelling with very low efficiency loss compared to diesel.

Vehicle Enhancements