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CVG offer the latest market leading Diesel Blend Dual Fuel Technology for Euro5 and Euro6 HGV's and LCV's.

Natural Gas is a clean and safe energy source with a variety of applications. Natural gas is dispensed in different forms such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Biomethane (Bio-Gas)

Natural Gas blended as a vehicle fuel is a cheaper, cleaner and quieter way to run an HGV fleet than on conventional diesel. Vehicles can run solely on gas (dedicated)or on both diesel and gas (dual-fuel) The system is also a range extender meaning more miles between refuelling with very low efficiency loss compared to diesel.

Biomethane is the cleanest gas available to HGV's. It is chemically no different from LNG or CNG. Anaerobic digestion facilities capture methane from decomposing food waste, slurry and energy crops, landfill gas can also be captured and cleaned which can then be injected into the gas grid, and thereby prevent methane, which is a powerful greenhouse from entering the atmosphere. Biomethane is accessed through the purchase of Green Gas Certificates and can be supplied upon request.

What could be easier

– the convenience of running Diesel/ Gas: (White Section)
- significantly lower fuel costs (up to 30%)
- quieter, smoother and cleaner engine
- less volatile fuel price with gas prices fixed until 2024
- emission saving technology (up to 60%)
- system also reduces particulate matter and NOx's
- virtually all black smoke eliminated