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We as a team develop and showcase new fuels and technology

The team’s core objective is to create winning partnerships on and off the track; Carbon Zero Racing is one of the most exciting new teams to enter motor sport for many years, and provides a fresh approach and a mission to offer something different to our commercial partners, VIP guests and our race fans alike as we continue to develop and showcase 'New Fuels & Technology in this fast paced environment.

Our dedication to being Carbon Zero continues to generate constant PR and media opportunities from around the world, benefiting associated team partners and sponsors. Carbon Zero Racing is a unique team created solely to promote "Energy Efficiency & Carbon Reduction" through innovation, environmental motoring and lifestyle, thus proving that motorsport can provide the perfect platform to communicate CSR, brand awareness and marketing led activities that reflect, lifestyle, innovation and technological prowess in this high profile televised championship.

We as a team develop and showcase new fuels and technology through high profile televised racing championships, and are currently developing the use of compressed natural gas (CNG/ Bio-Gas), which is a renewable, clean and green alternative fuel. Project Bio-Gas will give your company an exclusive partnership opportunity that will ultimately assist in the development, testing then lead to our team racing on this exciting renewable and sustainable fuel in the British Touring Car Championship. Both our race cars and race transporter will run on Biomethane Gas, and with our team running on this exciting renewable and sustainable fuel the project will be sure to generate constant awareness and PR for all involved.

Biomethane is a renewable fuel derived from the decomposition of organic matter, namely food-waste, green-waste and dare we say human-waste. We take this waste and put it through a unique system called anaerobic digestion that turns this waste into methane gas, the gas will then be purified then liquefied and in turn will produce Biomethane which will be used to fuel our race cars as well as our race truck/transporter. Any left over gas can be fed directly into the ‘National Gas Grid’ and used to power our very own homes.

Methane gas is some 21 times more harmful when released into the environment than Co2 emissions, however, when burnt in an internal combustion engine produces virtually zero emissions and zero particulates, making this fuel one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly natural fuel sources on the planet with a negative well to wheel carbon balance.