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The following is a non-technical guide to what you need to know

The Diesel Blend conversion is simply a secondary fuel system for your van or truck that enables it to run on a blend of diesel and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Biomethane (Bio-Gas) The primary fuel system (normally diesel) is always retained. This means that the vehicle becomes dual or bi fuel so that your vehicle runs on the Diesel Blend when at operating temperature or at the touch of a button. If your vehicle runs out of gas or there are any technical issues then the system shuts down and the engine simply reverts back to diesel only, the dashboard warning light will indicate any issues and a warning sound is omitted. Diesel Engines also run quieter, smother and cleaner when running Diesel/ Gas, engine oil becomes less dirty and reduces black soot from the exhaust as the diesel fuel combusts more efficiently when blended with gas.


The system makes it possible to convert diesel engines to dual-fuel engines by means of replacing a certain quantity of diesel by LPG, CNG or LNG. The Diesel blend system is installed beside the original fuel system, and in principle it is suitable for all diesel engines (as from Euro 3). The system communicates (read only) with the ECU via CAN-bus to ensure fully computer-controlled injection of the correct amount of LPG, CNG or LNG, depending on the specific characteristics of the diesel engine.

Making use of parameters such as engine speed, turbo pressure, amount of diesel injected, position of the accelerator pedal, engine torque and the temperature of the coolant, the system determines the optimum balance between diesel and LPG, CNG or LNG.

The key components of the system are all of OEM quality and specially designed for these applications. All components comply with the strictest regulations and certifications. The installation of the components are very unobtrusive due to the compact design of the components.

The dedicated diagnostic software is unique and enables fine tuning the Diesel blend system for optimal performance, blend rate and emission reduction.