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Our story is one of fast cars and racing heroes, but also a story of triumph over adversity, hard graft, teamwork and sheer determination in these difficult economic times.

The Clyde Valley Group was born out of our motor racing activities in the BTCC, our race team’s core business model was relatively unique as we relied solely on sponsorship and commercial partners to race. We aim to be back in the high profile televised British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) with Carbon Zero Racing…

In just three short years CVR went from being a brand new team in the BTCC and now forms an integral part of the Clyde Valley Group. We have evolved into an all round automotive, race engineering and performance tuning company as we continually diversify our business into Alternative Fuel Systems for HGV, LCV and Passenger Vehicles whilst transferring our knowledge of Low Carbon Vehicle Technology.

We offer the following; Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Compressed Biomethane (Bio-Gas) & Liquid Petrolium Gas (LPG/ BioLPG) Duel-Fuel Systems that can be retro fitted to current HGV, LCV and Passenger Vehicles. These systems offer fantastic fuel cost savings but are also great for the environment as they dramatically reduce tailpipe emissions.

CVG is also one of the very few companies in Scotland and the UK that can offer a full turn key duel fuel engine conversion for private and commercial vehicles. These engine conversions have the potential to cut fuel bills by up to 40% and reduce emissions up to a staggering 80/90%. We can also supply slow or fast fill gas refilling stations for your home or work place covering single car to large fleet type operations through our network of partners.