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The Clyde Valley Group & CVG Technologies Ltd is the holding entity for our Group Companies operating in various sectors of the Scottish Automotive Industry.

Clyde Valley Group:
CVG Technologies Ltd t/a

CVG-E Group Engineering
CVR-R Carbon Zero Racing
CVG-T - Alternative Fuel Systems
CVR-R - Performance Vehicle Enhancements

The Clyde Valley Group are a young, dynamic, forward thinking business made up with a vibrant mix of professional individuals who are pushing the boundaries of Low Carbon Vehicle Technology and Environmental Motoring.

CVG are one of the very few companies in the UK that can offer Dual Fuel Systems that can be retrofitted to HGV & LCV allowing them to run on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Compressed BioMethane (CBM/ BIO-GAS) & Liquid Pertolium Gas (LPG & BioLPG).  We can also offer LPG/CNG & Diesel LPG/CNG Systems for Passenger Vehcles.

Through our motorsport division we also develop and showcase new fuels and technology in high profile racing championships, and are currently developing the the use of alternative fuels which are clean, green and renewable.

We put ‘Energy Efficiency & Carbon Reduction’ at the heart of everything we do.We can also justify our position in the aftermarket Performance & Eco Tuning sector by combining the extensive capabilities of the group with an ethos of promoting and transferring innovative research and development into the automotive aftermarket lifestyle motoring sector.

The Group sole director Colin Neill has over 20 years motor trade background and has a vested interest in alternative fuels, low carbon vehicle technology and the Environment..